In the Hermes Click Clack H jewelry with a series

In the professional tabulation under the bar so strong stance, coupled with strong brand aesthetics and art conservation, and unique poetic views, is looking forward to Hermes jewelry and the achievements of the future. In the Clac Clic H jewelry with a series of refined strokes trick achievements of reform at the same time, the eternal gentle face, long changxin. General family companies have their own factories, while the designer brand is more inclined to choose foundry.

In the world, there are some simple materials, which is a rich source of inspiration for craftsmen. Plating rhodium steel pointer, matte black or dark blue alligator, 750 platinum belt buckle, power reserve 55 hours, waterproof to a depth of 30 meters Hermes Arceau pony group jewelry dial by Philippe mouquet design of tie pattern, using filigree enamel technology presents 28 horse ordered the pony. This picture of the family vacation photos has been 100 years of history. Hermes reported last year record sales of $50 million and $16.9 billion profit, hit the industry in the past six years growth in the most.

It is a new start, from here to the outstanding world of mechanical jewelry. Innovation is reflected in the hands of the dial to sweep the way, but when it comes to beauty, it is said to be calm and cautious reform is more appropriate. quot;The core value of Hermes view and the spirit of the concept is similar to japan." Emmanuel Raffner 2004 Hermes incumbent vice president of said, "advocated by the Hermes craftsman's spirit, high-quality, traditional craft are advocated by the Japanese Society of fine, crafts and traditional culture fit." In Japan, love.

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A great number of gents hermes jewelry

This process often expensive and lengthy. Folding type pocket sirius7jewelry, around 1935 jump shows that mechanical movement this precious gold pocket jewelry shows the clothing art in leather accessories of the essence. Is the Hermes tactility is comforjewelry Click Clack H series diving jewelry Hermes Click Clack H series the in the name of the east coast of the United States at a seaside resort, and the inspiration for this series from Hermes representative chaine d'Ancre anchor bracelet, jewelry the appearance of design is to ship anchor chain for inspiration, the rounded shape coincides with slightly curved case two echoes, and the use of circular arc curve jewelrycase, wrist and very docile.

In 2013, the brand's strap for the first time put on the classic pink lip color, delicate and charming and gentle contrast Henri d'Origny under the pen of the circular jewelrycase. This consists of 200 pieces of parts of contemporary preset hollow core insert 32 pieces of artificial red jewelry, semi automatic disc equipped with 7 pieces of ceramic ball bearings, dynamic storage of 55 hours Hermes H Bracelet hollow mechanical 22K a plant flower gold hollow semi automatic disc carved decoration pattern of thousands of miles of Maben Teng. Hermes H Bracelet thousand flowers to jewelry [jewelry brand news] Hermes (herms) in 2014 Basel senior jewelry jewelry exhibition launched its latest masterpiece -- H Bracelet spend thousands of Millefiori jewelry. The advent of the 2008 economic crisis, sharp drop in orders for the brand, but Chanel, Louis, Louis Vuitton and Hermes are no layoffs is because the generation business acts as a "buffer" role.

Hermes H Bracelet series the first gold all drill jewelry 18K white gold at the top of the case 41mm extends horse stirrup of asymmetry type jewelry ears, symbol of the brand and equestrian bond; jewelry, inlaid 312 VVS grade natural diamond, weighing a total of 260 KT. However, PETA of the protest and even alerted the platinum package name -- Jane Birkin (Jane Birkin). In addition, it is also engraved with a number of numbers, used to indicate the movement of the jewelry and the shell number.


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