Ring watches wrapped around your fingers

Wrist is no longer the only part of wearing a watch and the modern people wear watch not just for watching time, but also for its appearance and fashion. Now, a kind of mini-functional accessories of the match of ring and watch, called “ring watch”, is coming, which meet the needs of these two aspects, the watch can be not only convenient but also very beautiful.

Ring watch———popular holy with full creativity

This is an era of creativity——the time function of watch is totally relegated to second-line, breaking through the traditional design and adding a variety of popular and beautiful decorations or the combination of more functions, the elegance and fashion of your wrist and your personal charm have completed perfect combination, the ring and watch unite as one, you don’t need to worry about your sleeves worn out by bracelets, bracelets, watches and others, on the other hand, you can add some fashion for your fingers and also make the dapper ring have a nice showcase.

Ring watch-alternative of traditional time 

If you are looking for an alternative equipment of watches and mobile phones to show the time, then the ring watch might be your best choice. The ring made of stainless steel inside contains a microchip circuit and LED lamps, clearly shows hours, minutes, and seconds, deep blue or orange

Indicator lamps makes it more scientific colors, ring lights will turn off in 1 minute after it is lighted up in order to save power, when you rotate the ring again, it will show the current time.

The internal structure of ring watches

Ring is composed of 3 parts. They rotate around the main ring so as to show time. The largest part is to show hours, the middle part minutes, the thinnest part seconds, users can know the rime for just simply turning the ring watch.

Show time for a minute through blue or Orange LED lights, his research group adjust the design and technology of the ring watch and put their focus on the environmental protection. This kind of ring also requires a wireless charging mat adorned with jewelry, but they plan to charge it through

the kinetic energy in the future.

Ring watch has defects

Challenges and obstacles still exist, for example, charging it through the kinetic energy, but Blair is convinced that they will overcome it in time. He said:”to ensure that this technology plays a role in a limited narrow space is a huge challenge for the group. The watch was launched into the market in April 2014, if the watchmakers purchase the ring watch in advance, they can spend £ 120 ($ 188) to buy one for themselves. Afterwards, it will cost £ 135 (US $ 212).

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