Guinness of Couples diamond ring brand and its appreciation

Guinness of Couples diamond ring brand and its appreciation
Appreciation one:
Men's rings information product number: M00035-W-RD-1     material: white18K gold metal 
Weight: 2.40 g    main diamond shape information: round   size: 1   weight: 0.15 Carat
Women’s rings information product number: M00017-W-RD-1  material: white 18K gold metal
weight: 2.10 g    main diamond shape information: round  size: 1  weight: 0.10 CT
Product description: Lifetime love and companionship, finger marks represent a lifelong commitment, the couple rings is with avant-garde classic fashion, which means a lifelong commitment of two people, all your words are contained in the ring. CRD Clarte 18k gold diamond/couple’s ring  Q0056 ring name: CRD Clarte 18k gold diamond rings/couple rings/wedding rings  Q0056 18K gold single female ring reference price: 1398yuan

Appreciation two:
 Product information number: 1033406092     shop: CRD flagship store
Shelf time: 2015-01-20 22:57:27   weight: 1-29   material: k Gold Diamond
Product description: two hearts fall in love, unite as one, interpreting the eternal truth of life fusing with each other. IDEAL PT950 platinum diamond couple rings for marriage, propose and engagement, a pair, reference price: 3798yuan

Appreciation three:
 Product information number: 1074214585 shop: ideal jewelry certificate: NGTC weight: 1-29
 Material: Platinum diamonds
Product description:  diamonds are tightly surrounded around by Platinum. Way of bezel setting has protected the edge, the waist of the diamond, which is the strongest form of a mosaic. Double lines interlaced and sparkling diamonds, all symbolize the preciousness of lovers who meet and know each other.
Product name: US DlAMOND, 18K white gold fashion couple ring, diamond ring/wedding ring, reference price: 2999

Appreciation four:
Product SKU: 1074218383 shop: US DlAMOND flagship store, set: claw-set, material: K gold diamond, weight: 1-29 number: 7#-12#certificate:  other domestic certificates
Product description: there was a celebration for wearing a US DLAMOND. This simple and exquisite couple diamond rings is believed to add much glorious to your love.
Product name: Xin Wan fu,18K gold 15 diamond couple rings/wedding rings, reference price:2599yuan
Appreciation five:
Product SKU: 1002309803 shop: Xin Wan fu official flagship store weight: 1-29 number:15#-17#
Set: tension setting material: k Gold Diamond
Product description: spring rain salsa, telling our endless affection and our sweet love, you are my other half heart, makes my heart full.

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