Four reasons of your watch going fast

Some people will find that the watch goes accurately when they just put their watch aside and don’t wear it, otherwise it will go faster when they wear it and they didn’t do fierce sports, then what’s the reason?
1、drastic swings
It’s easy to make a watch doing inaccurately when we drastically shake our watch, such as the watch balance wheel swings too high, the external violent motion contributes to its rotation rate, thus watch occurs ”rebank”.
2、Watch is magnetized
There are many steel materials inside mechanical watches, which are easy to be magnetized, the speed is controlled by the hairspring and the balance wheel of a watch, and the hairspring is one of the most easily magnetized parts. when watch is exposed to magnetic fields, hairspring will be magnetized and stick together, which will change the swing frequency of the balance wheel and the speed of gear, watches thus go fast. If this occasion occurs, you’d better go to a repair store to for demagnetization process. Pay attention to the maintenance of the watch, stay away from the magnetic materials, it is best to keep a distance of at least one meter. Don’t put your watch at the side of TV, computers, radios, cell phones, automatic Mahjong table, refrigerators, washing machines and so on.
Watches would go a little faster in hot days than in cold weather. Yes, there are two laws of physics, One is thermal expansion and contraction, on hot days, hairspring will stretch, we all know that, then, the range of swing will also increase because of the long hairspring, watch thus do slower; otherwise, it will do faster on hot days.
4、hairspring rubbed the slow-fast clip or the pile
The hairspring is very easy to have this situation especially when the watch was fell into the ground before. It depends on which movement the watch is, if it’s the general ETA male watch movement, it’s easy to show its location, which requires that there should be reasonable and secure space between the outer ring and the outside pile of the hairspring, of course, the there are also requirements on the calm round and the pitch of hairspring.

2015-08-11 Tag : watch ring
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